Making Every Conversation Count

With cutting-edge diagnostics, patent-pending predictive analytics, and machine learning, our technology identifies business opportunities and provides you with recommandations and a roadmap to grow your revenue and achieve your goals. Our platform focuses on the entire social ecosystem by combining powerful online (social media) and offline (word of mouth) data with predictive analytics.


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    360° Data Portal

    Our 360° Data Center provides clients with an easy interface for viewing, manipulating, and visualizing data. This interface enables clients to identify where their brand resides. Thanks to these graphics, the client can realize at a glance the strengths and weaknesses of their brand’s market position, and then compare it with one’s competitors’.

    Diagnostic Engine

    Allows users to explore brand and marketing performances, identifying what works well and what should be improved, and this, for both offline and online conversations. This offline / online comparison indicates where brands can fine tune media spend to enhance overall business performance. On top of that, users can gain a deeper understanding of which conversions contributed to the greatest sales lift, and across which key marketing and communication channels.

    Prediction Engine

    Enables brands to model complex metrics and business outcomes, such as new customer acquisition, revenue per customer, strengthened brand equity, online traffic, store visits and more. A brand can identify specific strategies and tactics that are likely to improve their business performance, with custom-built simulators designed to enable scenario testing.

    Maximizing ROI and Strategy

    Sales Growth

    Our platform identified a pathway to
    $25M in incremental revenue for a
    key client by discovering unique data
    and giving recommendations to
    maximize the opportunity.

    Marketing Effectiveness

    Upon a tent-pole marketing
    launch, a leading beauty brand
    used our platform to
    maximize their marketing ROI.

    Deeper Insights

    A challenger brand trusted
    our platform to uncover
    areas of weakness for the industry
    leader and recommendations to
    take market share.