TotalSocial® is a premier data and analytics platform that provides brands with unique insights, improved marketing ROI and strategies to grow revenue.

Fueled by actionable online and offline data, TotalSocial® is the only platform that encompasses and listens to the entire social ecosystem.

With cutting-edge diagnostics, patent-pending predictive analytics and machine learning, TotalSocial® identifies business opportunities and provides you with recommendations and a roadmap to grow your revenue and achieve your goals.

10 year proprietary database

The only way to measure Online & Offline
conversations in a single scoring system

Product offering


  • [email protected] scores + metrics via online portal
  • Baseline data subscription
  • Brand, Industry and Competitive Intelligence portal


  • Dedicated Account management
  • Analytics for in depth analysis of what drives performance and recommendations to achieve goals
  • Tracking of KPIs and goals

Prediction Engine

  • Modeling the [email protected] impact on business
  • Analytics to predict future business and the levers to best drive growth
Maximizing ROI and Strategy

Sales Growth

TotalSocial® identified a pathway to $25M in incremental revenue for a key client by discovering unique data and giving recommendations to maximize the opportunity.

Marketing Effectiveness

Upon a tent-pole marketing launch, a leading beauty brand used the TotalSocial® platform to maximize their marketing ROI.

Deeper Insights

A challenger brand trusted their TotalSocial® platform to uncover areas of weakness for the industry leader and recommendations to take market share.


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