Dear partners and shareholders,

I hope this message finds you all well.

The following is a short Corporate Update to provide a summary of recent milestones.

We recently launched the NEW DGTL Holdings brand platform, with an Investor Resource Center, with news, videos, presentations, factsheets, as well as filings, governance policies and other resources. Please explore the new website, and sign up for our newsletter.

We have announced a new strategic Joint Venture Partnership with Loop Insights (TSXV.MTRX) to collaborate on business development projects targeting major sports leagues and leading entertainment and gaming brands (both online, and on-premise). DGTL will act as content provider, and Loop as data capture, measurement, and insights, for a full-service platform serving Fortune 100 level brands. Leadership and business development teams from DGTL and Loop are collaborating now.

We announced new campaigns with DraftKings at the NCAA March Madness, and the PGA Masters tournament in our Sports, Entertainment and Gaming category. We also announced a new campaign with Quaker Oats in our CPG (consumer packaged goods) category and a public service advocacy campaign for the American Nurses Federation in our HealthCare category. We expect more new client and campaign announcements in each of these sector growth categories.

On the operations front, we have engaged a leading software engineering firm to expand the Hashoff CMS software into video based applications, such as Tiktok, YouTube and SnapChat. We also engaged Wideout AQA for account service and technical support. The goal is to expand into new markets, and new categories, up-sell existing key accounts, attract new brand clients and manage growth with enhanced profitability while maintaining the highest quality standards in our client services department.

Expect updates on software development and account services processes, as these projects are now underway. We will includes go-to-market strategies for the launch of Hashoff 2.0. We anticipate continued momentum as the pandemic lifts, accounts grow, and our Retail category comes back on-line with clients like Dunkin Brands, etc.

Finally, we have launched a 90D public relationships campaign, with significant editorial content and media coverage. Here are some links to recent articles; – Stocks in Play

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It is vital that all shareholders and strategic partners band together for our shared common interests. Please join our social media community via the links below and help us to build visibility by actively sharing news and media coverage and celebrate the DGTL Holdings growth story with your network.

We look forward to providing additional releases, and media coverage, in the near term.

Thank you for your continued support.

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Mike Racic, CEO

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