Asset Management

At our core, we are a venture capital technology asset management company. Our goal is to build a digital media – martech ecosystem that functions as a full-service platform for global brands and our agency partners. We apply a bottom-up valuation philosophy and evaluate due diligence, financial modelling, sector benchmarking and macroeconomic trends to determine an ideal structure and global capital markets strategy for every new M&A opportunity.


AI-Powered B2B Enterprise
SaaS Portfolio


Tech, Corporate, Business
and Capital Market Advisory

We are developing a balanced portfolio model and a full-service digital media and martech ecosystem targeting
content, measurement and distribution technologies, within the fastest growing categories in the industry.


Disruptive CMS innovation for creating, managing, optimizing and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content


Cutting edge network technology (mobile, PC, DOOH, web based subscription A/V, DSP, cookieless browsers, etc.)

Analytics and
Data Reporting

Competitive intelligence and
predictive database analytics
driven by machine learning
and AI

Target Categories

Social Tech

Powerful content softwares to maximize impact of the top community sharing networks


OTT softwares to maximize brand marketing potential of top video game categories


Database technologies for maximizing KPI insights for martech platforms


Audio / Visual enhancement and delivery for real-time content to PC/tablet, or smart TV

B2B Enterprise SaaS,
Powered by AI

Recent software technologies have enabled data processing and Artificial Intelligence at an unprecedented rate, even, in some cases, in real time. By computing large data sets very rapidly, these AI technologies are able to identify, predict trends, and opportunities faster, and more efficiently than any human-based analysis process. Through the development and acquisition of AI-driven media technologies, we leverage the power of AI in order to feed the decision taking process, and optimize all marketing and communications based activities.